Launching advertising campaigns

It is a tailor-made strategy that is implemented across different media in order to achieve desired results such as increasing brand awareness and increasing sales.

In Safa Advertising Agency, your account is grown and quickly reaches your target audience, in addition to the possibility of converting them into permanent customers while securing all the appropriate content for your advertising campaign landing page 

Service Features

Budget flexibility

 You set your own budget, and no one imposes a minimum start on you

Multiple advertising platforms

We work on Tik Tok and Snapchat platforms

Full control of advertising campaigns

Full control of advertising campaigns

Targeting strength and flexibility

You can target based on studying the target group and then choosing the appropriate criterion for it with the possibility of launching an unlimited number of campaigns at any time

Measurement and analysis of results

Advertising campaigns give you a lot of numbers and data that you can analyze and find the strengths and weaknesses of your campaign.

Create a professional landing page

We contribute to the creation of a professional landing page to convince the target audience and convert them into regular customers.

How does Safa Advertising Agency contribute to getting targeted visitors and converting them into customers?

We first proceed to develop an action plan and an organized strategy for your advertising campaigns, to identify the steps that enable us to achieve the desired goals of digital advertising on various communication platforms (Snapchat and Tik Tok)

  • We start by creating a professional landing page and writing complete content that meets the needs of the target group
  • We determine the target audience of the campaign accurately and carefully.
  • We work to achieve better brand awareness.
  • We are designing a visual identity for the landing page to attract and convince customers
  • We make detailed reports so that you can analyze the performance of advertising campaigns, and work to develop them for the better.
  • We periodically follow up on all information and data about your advertising campaign.
  • Analyze the data and use it to achieve the best results in future advertising campaigns.

What are the steps of managing advertising campaigns?

Our agency took care of the following:


Analyze your business


Choose the most appropriate platform to create your advertising campaign (Snapchat or Tik Tok)


Preparation of the marketing plan.


Create content for the set plan


Diversify and employ content to suit the target platform


Launch and manage the campaign according to the objective set


Submit periodic reports on the results of the campaign


Analyze the results of the campaign, and compare the target with the achiever of the marketing plan at different stages


Taking into account the seasons and periods in which the market is active with distinctive media programs that raise the strength of the brand

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we provide specific services in our agency without being obligated to the rest of the services.

Yes, the meeting is done in advance before the launch of the campaign, putting the important points and discussing the plan together.

By direct communication via WhatsApp or e-mail

Advertising Campaigns Goal

Introducing the public to a specific product or service, its advantages, cost and when it will be launched in the market, and its objective is purely commercial