Email Marketing (Email)

Email is one of the most effective channels among all the different options that companies use to communicate with their customers.

Good email keeps your brand in the minds of customers and helps to enhance its recognition more and contribute to increasing the percentage of interaction and reach and target the audience interested in your services.

Features of the e-mail marketing service

Conciseness and clarity

We work to write a clear, simple and at the same time moving message by putting an expressive picture followed by words that convey the desired meaning and goal.

Powerful titles

We create a title that is strong enough to attract the user and see the content and after entering to the mail the content will be good enough to arouse the attention of the user.

Suitable for smartphones

Potential targets check emails through their smartphones so we keep this feature in mind in a distinctive and good way to have a positive result.

What distinguishes the email marketing service?

E-mail is one of the fastest ways in the process of e-marketing for business owners in order to reach the largest possible number of users in the least short time and least cost compared to other advantages that it enjoys.

What are the stages we do before we start sending emails "Email Marketing"?


Campaign preparation, template design and e-mail text version development to serve the specified target.


Test emails and verify that mail corresponds to all screen sizes and shapes


Choose the best time to send messages and start the campaign, and schedule it earlier


Measure recipient actions, track and analyze open, click, and unsubscribe rate, and prepare a performance report.

What benefits does email marketing offer?

1) Email marketing is a proven and cost-effective tool for increasing brand awareness.

2) It allows you to send qualitative and targeted messages to your contact database, track subscribers’ interaction, conversion rate, etc.

3) A professional email marketing campaign will increase the ROI of your marketing budget.

To start your email marketing campaign using creative communication methods to reach a wider audience and strengthen your brand and relationship with your potential customers.