WhatsApp Marketing Service

In line with the rapid development in the field of technology and communications, we have worked hard to develop a range of solutions related to WhatsApp

Deeper relationships with your customers

WhatsApp provides a plethora of opportunities for customization and a powerful strategy to build long and deep relationships with customers.

Fast and direct interaction

WhatsApp makes it much easier for you to interact instantly with your customers as well as you can use chatbots to automate your messages.

Better sales

WhatsApp can be considered a stand-alone sales channel, as there are many merchants who are currently relying entirely on WhatsApp marketing.

What distinguishes WhatsApp marketing service:

Marketing on WhatsApp is a type of marketing through which you can promote your products, services or brand through the application of WhatsApp, This helps you to market your business, build a close relationship with your customers and increase your sales WhatsApp also lets you talk directly with consumers more than other apps.

How does WhatsApp marketing contribute to the success and development of businesses?

  • It offers a range of useful services and solutions to develop and succeed your business.

  • It enables you to send thousands of messages to your customers with great ease.

  • It helps you schedule the transmission and send photos, videos and files.

  • You can send verification messages, appointments, and reminders via the Software Connection API.

  • You can create an autoresponder with thousands of questions and answers that can respond to hundreds of customers at the same time 

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